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Innovation is more than just a good idea. It takes a lot of creative thinking, a well-executed strategy and most importantly the commitment to stick with it until the end. Nobody knows this better than Jim Jantzi, President here at New-Form Tools. It all started with a burning desire to do things better, here’s what Jim had to say:

“It’s hard to believe. Five years ago, when I began investigating blade technology, I had no idea that we would find a way to revolutionize the industry.”

Jim and his team have worked tirelessly to provide their customers with a competitive edge. What started as a concept, an idea, has blossomed into a momentous achievement.

“New-Form is now being pursued. Our sharpening technology is producing 100-250% life of the leading competitors new blade. We’ve set a new standard for carbide blades that cut steel tube and bars.”

For New-Form this was more than a labour of love. It was a vision that one day they could develop industry leading tools that will change the industry forever.

“We are real proud to have developed this inventive advantage. Folks, this is what dreams are made of.”